05 most amazing bars in Hanoi

If draft beer has long been a cultural characteristic of the Hanoians, in recent years, cocktails have appeared as a new wave that is increasingly popular among young people. Not as many as Saigon, but Hanoi also has its own bars with enchanting decorated spaces, specializing in serving unique concoctions. A common point of bars in Hanoi is that most cocktails are made with recipes inspired by familiar local drinks, not only attractive to diners of the capital but also impresses. with international friends. A typical example is Cocktail Pho, a creative drink bearing the mark of Hanoi, which helped Vietnam put its name on the cocktail world map.

1. Polite & Co

Polite & Co, formerly Polite Pub, was founded by a Hanoian. Precursor Polite Pub is a traditional pub in the capital that first opened in 1995. In 2013, the owner transferred Polite Pub to his nephew’s inheritance. This is when the bar is refurbished and reopened under the name Polite & Co, which specializes in whiskey and cigars. Currently, although the bar is gradually immersing itself in the cocktail playground, whiskey is still a popular drink here. Inspired by the classy gentlemen’s nightclubs in the 1920s, the interior of Polite & Co exudes elegance and cozy. Here, the cocktail menu is changed every six months, bringing together 25 cocktails from all over the world as well as concoctions that evoke the taste of Hanoi. A special Mixology Journey menu typically consists of 5-10 cocktails prepared on weekly themes. For the Hanoi menu, the restaurant also creates five cocktails, using local ingredients, each with not only complex flavors but also meticulously presented. One of them is The Street Vendor, a cocktail glass reminiscent of Hanoi’s Old Quarter through a concoction of Gin with chrysanthemum-infused Gin, showing fruit flavors and floral aromas.

Polite & Co

Address: 5B Ngo Bao Khanh, Hoan Kiem.

2. Jigger Cocktail & Wine Bar

Jigger Cocktail & Wine Bar is located on Nam Ngu Street, between eateries, beauty salons, and clothing stores. Inside this beautifully refurbished building is a speakeasy bar with a unique contemporary design. The space of Jigger Cocktail & Wine bar is carefully considered from lighting, seating to wall cladding details and neon lighting, creating a sophisticated and cozy whole, completely separate from the bustle of If you have a chance to go to Jigger, try the signature cocktail ‘Neighborhood’, which represents the famous Nam Ngu Street with duck specialty, in this cocktail including rum, dragon fruit, pineapple, basil Thai, coriander and lemon juice, served with a bowl of roasted peanuts. Not only serving great cocktails but the owner, Jeff Luong, also focuses on creating a complete experience space at Jigger. The music at the bar changes continuously with the theme every night, from jazz on Wednesdays to acoustic pop on Sundays.

Jigger Cocktail & Wine Bar

Address: 59 Nam Ngu street

3. Nê Cocktailbar

Steps away from the Chinatown, Ne Cocktailbar is a cozy speakeasy with a menu that focuses on the ingredients and typical flavors of Ha Thanh. Opened in May 2017, this place attracts not only locals, foreign diners living in Hanoi but also tourists because of its wonderful atmosphere. Most especially, it’s the famous Pho Cocktail. The name “Nê” stands for Negroni, a favorite drink of one of the founding partners. As a matter of course, Negroni is also featured on the menu, you can order a glass of Negroni with cinnamon, jasmine, chili, coffee, chamomile, or cloves. Typical cocktails, synthesized from the quintessence of local ingredients to introduce the taste and image of Vietnam’s homeland. The most famous one is Pho Cocktail, launched by bartender Pham Tien Tiep at the Diageo World Class Vietnam Contest in 2012. Many other cocktails exhibit similar blends. For example, you will taste soy sauce, coriander, garlic, lemon, and fresh chili in the restaurant’s Vietnamese Bloody Mary. In Nepal, seats are limited to 40 because the focus here is the bar. Most diners will sit and watch directly how their drinks are prepared. Face-to-face communication and interaction at the counter will help baristas understand customers and exactly what they like. Special cocktails can also be made based on the drinker’s mood or they can also describe their favorite flavors.


Address: 3B Tong Duy Tan, Hoan Kiem.

4. Mad Botanist

Located in the heart of St. Joseph’s Church district, Mad Botanist is tucked away on the third and fourth floors of the HeSheEat Dim Sum (formerly the V-Presso cafe). Luxurious and attractive interior with palm leaf motifs, beautiful geometrical design patterns, and the majority of bronze color details highlight the classic beauty of 20th-decade pubs. With 103 types of Various Gin wines are displayed on the shelves, this place is definitely a paradise for those who love Gin as the shop collects a wide variety of products from all over the world.

Address: 45 Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem.

5. Two Four Coffee

Located on bustling Ba Trieu Street and just a few meters from Hoan Kiem Lake, Hai Bon Coffee attracts lots of locals and tourists. True to its name, the bar originally specializes in serving coffee, but recently they have added cocktails after their successful launch on Halloween. The specialty here is Chili Cocktail, a cocktail of chili vodka, peach-flavored wine, mashed raspberry, lime juice, and fresh chili. Other recommended beverages to try to include Mai Tai and Espresso Martini, as the taste of coffee here is inherently great.
now on.

Address: 24 Ba Trieu, Hoan Kiem.

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