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10 facts about the Vietnamese women

Women are like an open book, easy to read but hard to fully understand. In this post, I’ll show you 10 facts about Vietnamese women. What are their typical characteristics? And why are they valued in modern times?

1. Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful women in Asia

There is no doubt that Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful women in Asia. In general, the appearance of Vietnamese women is almost similar to Korean or Chinese. However, the eyes of the Vietnamese are bigger and more beautiful. In addition, most Vietnamese have a slim body shape, black hair, white skin, and feminine personality. Vietnam has achieved a higher rank in the international beauty competition until a few years ago.

Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful in Asia

2. Vietnamese women are generally faithful

Vietnamese women are generally very loyal. Not just in a relationship, but in many other things. They can be very attached to their pets, families, and friends. At work, they are very responsible for what they do, especially female teachers. In love, I have to say that they are extremely committed to caring for their other half and always for their love.

3. They are very hardworking

Carefulness is one of the most typical features of the Vietnamese. Especially, Vietnamese women are very busy either in the office or at home. This is because the basic conception of the Vietnamese from the old-time was “men earn money for the family” and “the women make the family happy”. Indeed, men are responsible for creating wealth; whereas the task of the women is cooking, taking care of the children, and cleaning the house. This way of thinking was until today the norm of the Vietnamese.

Vietnamese woman are hardworking

4. Vietnamese women play an important part in their families

As I mentioned earlier, Vietnamese women are extremely committed to their families. Their commitment reaches a maximum level when they have their own family. If you happen to travel to Vietnam and attend a Vietnamese family dinner, you will immediately notice the warm atmosphere from the wives.

Vietnamese women play an important part in their family

5. Vietnamese women are very good at cooking

This is not surprising when I say that all women can cook. But the Vietnamese women can cook even better. Due to the excellent Vietnamese cuisine and the wide selection of spices and ingredients. Some of the best dishes are spring rolls, pho (rice noodle with beef), bun cha (noodle with BQQ, and fish sauce). If you are wondering why Vietnamese women can cook very well, then I have a simple explanation for you. Since cooking in the family in Vietnam is usually practiced by women, every Vietnamese girl is taught by his mother or grandmother to impress his husband’s family and to be able to look after their own family in the future. Is there a better way to penetrate a man’s heart than to go through the stomach?

A Vietnamese mother cooking

6. They love milk tea

It is no exaggeration to say that Vietnamese women are addicted to milk tea. Especially youthful, as they can drink it almost at any time. You will encounter numerous dairy restaurants and shops in all the cities in Vietnam. So if you want to start a nice conversation, first invite them for a drink.

vietnamese woman love milk tea

7. In addition, they are also very conservative

When it comes to talking or even flirting with Vietnamese women, a great deal of restraint is usually required. Because Vietnamese are taught at a young age by their parents to be elegant and friendly. There is a line about girls in Vietnam, which says, “Go soft, talk quietly and smile beautifully”. So if you are talking to Vietnamese girls, do not try to be rude and too open. It is always best to be slow and show respect and interest in the person you contact.

8. Vietnam has traditional clothes for women

If you have seen a beauty contest with a Vietnamese participant, you must have seen the Vietnamese garb “Ao Dai” – “Long Top”. The dress can be worn by both men and women, but it looks best when it is worn by the Vietnamese. The shape of the dress emphasizes the curvature of the body and preserves it in elegant beauty. It’s best to see it in Hanoi or Hoi An when the Vietnamese girl poses for her photo album in this pretty dress.

Ao dai

9. Vietnamese women like stability

Stability is one of the many things everyone would want when he or she reaches a certain age. However, that’s what most Vietnamese females would aim for after finishing school. The typical choice of work for her would be either to work as a teacher or in an office. This choice can be questioned by many, as it is a very boring affair. But if you look at the other quality I’ve mentioned, it’s the perfect choice for the Vietnamese.

10. Vietnamese women want cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is popular not only in Korea or China but also in Vietnam. On average, women spend millions of VND annually on cosmetics and especially on cosmetic surgery. Almost all Vietnamese women want to change at least a part of their body. But wanting to fix something on the body does not mean they will. If you think that cosmetic surgery turns somebody into another, then Vietnam does not really work that way. Most women only have minor cosmetic surgeries such as nose, teeth, and lips.

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