What to do when you miss your flight?

Missing a flight or even worse a connecting flight has always been something that nobody wants. However, if you get into this situation, just try to calm down and solve the problems with the following tips.

  • Talk to the airline staff
  • Read guidelines of the airline
  • Consider using other ways of transport
  • Reschedule hotel
  • Inform yourself about the remuneration policy
  • Missed connecting flight

1. Talk to the airline staff

Before you feel worried or stressed, talk to your airline representative about your lost flight. Mr. Henrik Zillmer, CEO of AirHelp, tells Insider that you just have to explain why you miss the flight. “Some airlines have other offers for passengers, which means that they can book their tickets directly on the next flight if they see you miss the flight for a reason,” he said.

Ask for help from airlines staff
Talk to airlines staff

For some airlines, if you miss a flight due to a traffic accident situation on your way to the airport. And you can give them proof of your misfortune, there is a chance that you can book the flight again without spending more money.

Remember that you have the benefits of being prepared and staying one step ahead. For example, if you have a serious traffic jam on your way to the airport and are likely to miss the trip, some airlines will also have a booking policy for you on your next trip. Trade as quickly as possible and take advantage of both as airlines can resell the ticket you missed to someone who needs it at the last minute.

2. Read guidelines of the airline

Check and read all the guidelines of the airline, this is best done before each trip. However, if you miss your flight, you will need to find out about the airline’s regulations to know exactly how the incident will be resolved. From there, you can follow the process in good time and correct it.

3. Consider using other ways of transport

If the airline does not allow you to book the flight again or the price is too high, you should consider a smarter alternative, such as buying from another airline, a neighboring airport, or another day if you miss your first flight. And it does not really affect your overall schedule.

Other transportations besides airplane
Use night bus instead of airplanes

In case you need to be present at this location and other airlines are no longer available, it is time to consider options for subterranean traffic such as trains, high-speed trains, night buses,… These options always have a tight schedule, so the ability to search for tickets is higher. For shorter trips, high-speed trains are sometimes the same as planes (if you include early arrivals to check-in).

4. Reschedule hotel

Missing a flight can affect your trip, whether you are on a business trip or just traveling. Quickly make adjustments to your schedule, such as the airport transfer and especially the hotel. Some hotels allow you to adjust for a certain period of time before check-in, so this should be done as soon as possible. Your goal is to minimize the damage. In bad weather, you may have to cancel your reservation.

5. Inform yourself about the remuneration policy

In some cases, if you miss a connecting flight due to an interruption of your first flight, you are entitled to compensation from the airline. If this provision is referred to in Europe as EC61, ie for European airlines or departing from Europe, passengers may claim in the following 3 cases: delayed flight for 3 hours or more at the last destination, the flight will be canceled or passengers will be transferred to Boarding refused. If one of these three cases occurs, you may want to seek compensation. Depending on the company, the regulations differ.

6. Miss connecting flight

If you miss a connecting flight on your first flight, you’ll need to tell the gate agent or the telephone company about your predicament so he can help you with the planning. If you made the first flight but missed the connecting flight, most airlines will put you into standby mode for the next available flight. If you have no idea what to do, a passenger portal like “Air help” can help you in your emergency.

Missed transt flight
Missed connecting flight

In this situation, it is important that you call the airline (or airport baggage claim) in advance so they can keep all checked baggage until you can pick them up. (And in the future, consider storing all your gear in a carry-on bag so you never have to worry about being separated from your luggage.)

7. Relax and take it easy

Most importantly, be comfortable and happy when you are in an unlucky situation. When you miss the flight, you will be tense and confused but when you go to the procedure counter, you should still be polite and calm. The fact that you miss a flight is not due to airport staff but to you. Being polite, it’s easier to ask them to help you, instead of shouting and fussing at the airport.

Relax at the airport
Relax and take it easy

Missing a flight has already happened, so you blame yourself and others can’t bring the plane back. What to do is to relax and wait for the next flight. Eat something, take a nap or peek around the airport. But remember not to go too far and always remember to fly, in case you miss your flight again.

8. Some other notes for missed flights

Some airports are quite large and crowded, making it easy for you to get lost or unable to get to the procedure counter such as Suvanaburmi, Changi, Incheon. Some airports have cumbersome designs and bad services such as Charles de Gaulle and overloaded airports like Tan San Nhat can easily make you miss the flight.

To avoid missing flight up to 3 hours in advance, or choose a hotel near the airport. Avoid flights during rush hours and holidays.

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